Reasonings of the Heart–A Yom Kippur Message

Listen, as Derek shares a special Yom Kippur Message (with intimate insights into 2 Corinthians 10), and calls to attention the subtle reasonings of the mind which so often challenge the authority and truth of the word of Elohim. If our flesh is submitted to what the Creator says is true, the enemy has no leverage to use our flesh against us as a mouthpiece to spew his lies through. It is time to understand what it means to overcome, and it begins with afflicting our greatest enemy–the flesh.

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A quick note: Our podcast is now hosted on Stitcher–an online radio streaming service providing the ability to listen via desktop or on mobile devices with the Stitcher app for both Android and IOS. Here is a link to our podcast show on Stitcher (also available via our podcast page) | The Well Trodden Road Podcast

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