A Time Of Worship Unto Abba with James and Liz Block

Shalom and chag sameach!

Earlier, on this day of Yom Kippur (in a few hours), Rivkah and I had a great opportunity to go and hear James Block (Psalmist from Jerusalem) and his wife Liz. This past Shabbat was a beautiful and intimate time of worship as we sat basking in the presence of the Most High. Today, we went to hear James and Liz in a more formal and public setting. It was amazing! Abba’s goodness overflows when we turn to Him and find the joy of simply resting in what He says is true.

Rivkah and I encourage each of you to visit James and Liz’s website selahmusic.org. He has produced 4 albums now and has more lined up. The most recent one, “Open the Gates” is a powerful blend of both Hebrew and English where the Psalms are declared and beautifully arrayed. King David would be proud, but more than that–Abba is pleased.

You may also listen to his music on our website via this YouTube playlist <HERE>.

Go out and visit Selah Music…the anointing and powerful calling of Ephraim to come home is refreshing and much needed in this day and hour. As I sat today weeping as James sang Psalm 137, I began to realize just how much, in my own life, I have allowed other things to become my “chief joy”. Oh that what Yahuweh loves would become our chief joy–what kind of transformation we would undergo.

We love each of you and thank Abba that we have the privilege of giving up all for the sake of knowing Him.

May we never forget Jerusalem!


Derek and Rivkah

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