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Capernaum on Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Tiberias, Israel

Megiddo overlooking the Jezreel Valley

In the early summer of 2016, Rivkah and I took her mom for the first time to Israel. Here we are standing on the shores of the Kinneret, where Kepha’s (Peter’s) house was located in Capernaum. In addition to sharing our love and passion for the Land with Rivkah’s mom, we were able to proclaim many of the things that Abba had placed on our heart. The theme of the Scriptural proclamations was Hinneh! Yahuweh Shammah (Behold! Yahuweh is There) based upon Ezekiel 48:35. One of the highlights of our travels was to proclaim, both in Jerusalem and in the Northern Golan, the Creator’s right to rule His creation and to return quickly to set up His Kingdom. As children and servants of the Most High, we called for the final restoration of all things–even proclaiming Messiah’s victory from atop Megiddo overlooking the Jezreel valley (Revelation 16:16)

The City of David (Ancient Jerusalem)

This is our favorite place in all the world! It says in 1 Chronicles 11:5, that the City of David is Zion. It is called ancient Jerusalem – modern day East Jerusalem. There is such peace here reading the Psalms; for it was here that a good portion of them were written by King David. Psalm 132:13,14 says that Yahuweh desires and has chosen Zion for His dwelling and resting place forever. This is our eternal Home! All of Scripture is centered around this one little hill. Following His paths, and not our own, will lead us Home. Pray for the peace of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).

On Assignment in Rome, We Proclaimed:

  • His  Infallibility – Proclaim that salvation is found in no other name but Yahushua (Isaiah 43:10b-13)
  • His Position – Proclaim that every knee will bow to Yahuweh/Yahushua (Philippians 2:5-11)
  • His Authority to Judge – Proclaim the future end of the enemy, including the destruction of all gods/images and everything that attempts to exalt itself above Him and His rule (Matthew 28:18)
  • His Ownership – Proclaim the right for Yahuweh and Yahushua to rule Their creation because Elohim is the Creator (Revelation 22:1-7; Psalm 2)

Psalm 93:1-2 “Yahuweh shall reign, He shall put on excellency; יהוה shall put on strength; He shall gird Himself. Indeed, the world is established, immovable. Your throne is established from of old; You are from everlasting” 


In 2012, we took the Mark 16:15 challenge and “went into all the world, preaching the Gospel.” Myself, Rivkah and two of my sisters went with Mission of Hope – Haiti, to love on orphans and spread the Good News.

Tears of Comfort and Compassion

Our interpreter took us into the villages where we ministered to the broken, homeless, sick and lost. To our amazement, the people, though desperate for the very basics of life; food, shelter and clothing, did not ask for these, but for prayer in the perseverance of their faith. Haiti changed our lives forever!

Costa Rica

Here we stand on top of a mountain in Costa Rica, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, pondering the beauty of Abba’s creation. Like Haiti, there are so many opportunities here to bring the Good News and to minister in hospitals and orphanages. Though many places are severely oppressed and steeped in poverty, the people are precious and giving, kind and joyful. Though the only possession some people have is the shirt on their back, they are even willing to give that up for the sake of helping others. These people truly understand loving your neighbor as yourself.

Celebrating Pesach (Exodus 12)

Here, we are celebrating our deliverance from bondage! We remember during this time of Passover (Feast of Unleavened Bread), that Yahuweh is our deliverance and through Yahushua (Yahuweh is Salvation) Messiah, we are saved. Yahushua IS our final passover Lamb. In Exodus 12, we, as children of Light, have a mandate, an ordinance, that we must keep and observe this feast. We must NEVER forget where we came from; for to forget, only leads us back into bondage. The core of Pesach is humility. Forgetting how He has delivered us from the bondage of sin and death, causes pride to swell within our hearts. It wasn’t our own goodness and righteousness that saved us from the Death Angel, but obedience unto the instructions of Yahuweh. If the leaven (the yeast – the sin) within ourselves is not purged completely from our lives, it will expand and grow like yeast, like a cancer that feeds upon the sugar (arrogance, pride, haughtiness) within our untransformed souls. The cancerous leaven will continue to grow until it finally destroys us. This is why we celebrate Pesach; this is why we remember and sing the song of Moshe – for soon, the horse and the rider will be thrown into the sea!

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