The Living Water

Have you ever heard the saying, “You only really need 2% of what you own?” This statement is so true! We fill our lives with things we really don’t need. The other day, this saying came to my mind and I immediately received in my spirit this statement…

Just like we only really need 2% ofthe stuff we own, when we ask Father to purge us of all that is NOT of Him, we end up with only 2% of what we used to talk about, do for fun, etc. and He replaces the other 98% by filling us with a love for the Truth, a desire to be in His presence, read His Word, be taught by His Spirit and praise/worship Him all the time!

To grow and mature in Him, we must become like Him in nature, ways, character, and Ein Gedi Waterfallthinking. To be like Him is living like He told us to live; this involves studying and applying the Scriptures. To understand the Scriptures and truly know Him, we must be filled with His Spirit so He can guide us and lead us in the way we should go. When we receive His Spirit, we mature and grow in Him through His Living Water flowing through us…we also become living reproof to others and draw deeply on the power of His Spirit to accomplish His purpose for our lives.

What does it really mean to have your whole life flow in the river of His Spirit? I received the answer to this question one day on the way to work. I pray you will read this study and it will give you a new fire and passion to have Him be the only ruler in your life and for Him to purge you of all that is not of Him, so that you can know Him intimately!

Download the study article below

The Living Water Study



  1. Yedidah Beloved

    Excellent study-article!  I printed it out to read it over and over… Here is what popped out at me: “With the river flowing through us, everything that is contrary (lodged in us), that restricts the flow of the River, if allowed, will become `dislodged’ from our lives… only by our will do we have the power to allow the River to dislodge the things in our lives that prevent us from being carried completely (unrestricted) by the flow of the river.” I had a dream years ago about a rushing river carrying debris … and what was in it. I will have to look at that again. I’ve also written how we must become like a leaf, fallen from a tree, that glides along the top of a rushing river, being taken here and there along with its flow, comparing that to how our lives must be lived.  I will encourage my list-people to read it.

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