The Power Of Knowing Our Identity Through the Hand that Dislocates the Source of our Own Strength

A message to all who desire to shut the back door of our lives to the enemy, and who are tired of being stabbed in the back because we have allowed him access to do so. This is a Spirit driven revelation of knowing who we are in Messiah, by the goodness of changing our identity through His precious blood.

The power behind the rule of Elohim is His identity. The power behind the rule of Messiah is His identity in His Father. The power behind the rule of the Bride of Messiah is her identity in Messiah. It’s time to get our houses in order! It’s time to start acting like children of Elohim and overcome the devil whose only desire is to destroy your life and the lives of your family!

It’s time to MOVE!

Click <HERE> to Listen!

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