Spring Festivals Update

Boker Tov (Good Morning),

The sun is up this morning! And as I prayed one morning, ‘that means that life is continuing’, I am thankful still for that faithful witness in the sky – a witness that says what the Creator says is true! (Psalm 19:1-2).

That prayer that I prayed that morning, can be found in the podcast here:


Rivkah and I wanted to announce to you that we have entered into a second Adar (Adar bet). This means that Passover will be sometime around April 12th (depending on the sighting of the new moon for Aviv 1).

Not to break into cans of old worms, but last year was a breakthrough for us in that we discovered Brian and Linda from abibofgod.com. Up until then, we had only one team to depend upon for the barley search in Israel. Brian and Linda have just returned from Israel, with several reports of NOT finding barley in the correct stage necessary for the sheaf offering on First Fruits. With that, they have provided a list of “tentative “ dates for the Spring and Fall feasts this year. I appreciate them and their diligent work – especially their love for our Master Yahushua. You may find their reports on their website or you can visit the following direct links:

Reports: abibofgod.com/aviv-search

Feast Dates: abibofgod.com/feast-dates

Rivkah and will fill in our calendar as the time approaches and we know for certain when the celebration of Passover begins.

Isn’t it fun NOT knowing in advance when the feast dates are each year? Who needs “planning” when you serve such and adventurous Elohim! No–He isn’t convenient as in our understanding of timing, but He is perfect in all His ways!

We wanted to thank each of you for your prayers and gifts to this ministry. I have been in major remodeling mode for the past several months, remodeling Rivkah’s mom’s house. Rivkah and I have recently found a place in a more rural setting, and will be moving soon. Yes—more change is coming for us. We look forward to it! We will be updating our PO box address on our website, so please check back periodically for that information.

We love and appreciate each of you! May your heart and ways be in line with Abba’s heart!


Derek and Rivkah


  1. May Yehovah bless you, and keep you, make His face to shine upon you, and grant you His peace to you both!

  2. I had thought I lost you; I had forgotten your site address and couldn’t find you in any web search. Then as soon as I told God…well, Your desire be done…as I wish to consume what HE has for me rather than what I desire, I found your site address on a note I had saved for myself. Thank you for serving Him and being a blessing to many of us. I pray for you both and thank Him for all the blessings He gives to each of us. Shabbat Shalom, Marcia

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