Happy Rosh Chodesh (13th Hebrew Month–Adar II)

Shalom, and Happy Rosh Chodesh!

At sunset this evening, begins the 13th month on the Hebrew Calendar. The barley was not found in the aviv stage throughout Israel–even in the warmer regions such as in the northern Negev. If the barley was not in the aviv stage in the warmer regions, then it stands to reason that it was not in the aviv stage in the cooler regions such as Jerusalem, Tekoa and other surrounding areas. Surprisingly, we continue paralleling (within a few days, plus or minus) the Orthodox Jewish (Rabbinic) calendar.

Passover is tentatively set to begin on April 22, HOWEVER, it depends upon the sighting of the moon for the 1st of Aviv/Nisan.

As always, we keep our calendar <LOCATED HERE>, updated for all festivals (moedim’s) of the Creator of the universe. As not to cause confusion, we will wait to populate the dates for Passover/Pesach week, First Fruits, and Shavuot until we have a clear determination of the first of Aviv/Nisan.

We will be posting a special Passover message in the days ahead. Be on the lookout for that.

Please share our website, articles, videos around to as many as you can.

Please check out Yedidah’s site: www.comeenterthemikvah.com for the latest news on what is happening to usher in the return of our Messiah. She has been extremely busy posting astounding revelations, encouraging words, and the latest on the plans of the enemy. All of this is necessary to keep time and stay in sync with the Master Yahushua.

Joyous praise to Him who sits upon the throne–the Lamb of Elohim who takes away the sins of the world.

He is never more real than He is right now!

Shalom with love,

Derek and Rivkah

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