Prayer Alert for IDF Soldier


We recently received a letter from Israel365, requesting prayer. We wanted to simply pass on this urgent need to all of our blog subscribers. Please pass this along as you feel led…

Pray for the peace of Israel!

Dear Israel365 Family,

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, we just got word from the IDF that 23 year old soldier Hadar Goldin has been abducted by Hamas, just hours after the terrorists agreed to a 3 day ‘ceasefire’. Our hearts go out to Hadar’s terrified family and I urge you to stop what you’re doing to say a prayer for the safety of Hadar Goldin the son of Chedva Leah.

Hadar Goldin and his fiance

Hadar is engaged to be married in the next few weeks just before Rosh Hashana, and is serving in the IDF along with his twin brother. Hadar (which means in Hebrew ‘Glory’) had been studying Torah in the Yeshiva in Eli, in Judea and Samaria. Hadar is the grandson of Holocaust survivors and is the nephew of Israel’s defense minister Moshe Ya’alon which goes to show that Israel is not a country, it is a family.

I am writing to you, the extended Israel365 family to stand up to pray, call your political representatives, join a pro-Israel rally in your community and do whatever you can to support Israel at this difficult time.

Many of you have emailed me asking where to donate, and I have been encouraging our readers to help the Jewish families of Israel’s south who have been living under the terrible double threat of rocket fire from above and terror tunnels from below.

If you can, please support the Jews living in the line of fire.

May Hashem who neither slumbers nor sleeps allow the long arm of the IDF to bring immediate freedom to Hadar Goldin and crush the evil terrorists driving them out of our beloved Land of Israel. May the God of Israel grant true and eternal peace to the People of Israel living in the Land of Israel.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Tuly Weisz

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