A Most Perfect Testimony

We wanted to share a true story of Abba’s amazing love and faithfulness…this is a story that exemplifies the Elohim we serve!!

Once we knew we were moving out of the country, we looked at taking our car with us. Due to import taxes, we found out we had to sell the car. The import taxes on the 2007 Honda CR-V would be around $9,000 not including the freight charges to get the car shipped—that’s like buying the car a 2nd time! We looked at renting a car for a short time, if needed, between the time we sell the Honda and the time we move. We found out that to rent a car for a month – 6 weeks would be $600-$1000 minimum. That’s when we prayed and asked others to pray with us that Abba would bring us a buyer who could wait to take possession of the vehicle around June 6th, so we wouldn’t have to rent a car except for a few days. We needed a miracle mo’edim (divine appointment) orchestrated by Father!!

On 4/24/14, Derek took pictures and listed the car on Auto Trader. Once you post a listing, it takes time for the advertisement to show up. The AD was visible as of 7:18 am on 4/25/14. Derek sent me the link and I posted the link at 9:30 am on my work “family” email, an email folder where all the teachers can post personal items or ask questions to other teachers and/or staff. The only thing I put in the email was subject: car for sale, and in the body of the email I put the link and asked everyone to share it on social media and with friends, even if they weren’t in the market for a car. I did not say the car was a Honda CR-V.

At 10:39, a teacher at my work called my room and asked if I had brought the car to work today. I said yes. She said, “Well, you’re not going to believe this, but, we want to get a bigger car for our daughter going off to college and she told us she really wants a light blue Honda CR-V! Much to my surprise, I clicked on the link in your email to find you are selling the exact car she wants and we are looking for!” I set up a time after school (4 pm) to show her and her daughter the car.

At 4 pm, I met Vicki and her daughter Michelle in the parking lot. They test drove the car, asked lots of questions and said they love the car but Vicki’s husband would have to come see it. She wanted her husband to come see it on Saturday 4/26. I explained that we keep the Sabbath, so we do not do any business (buying or selling) or work from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. I offered later this afternoon or on Sunday. She took my phone number and said her husband will most likely want to see it today. They left and I drove home…praying again for Abba’s perfect will and timing.

When I arrived home, Derek and I decided to go to the locally-grown farmer’s produce stand. On our way, I received a text from Vicki asking if they could come look at the car at 6:30 pm. We said yes and texted them our address. At around 6:40, they arrived. Her husband looked at the car, asked questions and drove it. While Derek and Todd were driving the car, I spoke with Vicki and Michelle and asked them if they were to buy the car, would it be possible to do the sale on June 5th or 6th. Vicki responded, “That actually would be perfect because she (Michelle) has a parking permit she needs until the end of the school year and she isn’t going off to college until the fall! So, we are flexible!”

When Todd finished test driving the car, we agreed on a price, and he agreed to get pre-approved for the car loan and sign an agreement stating he will definitely buy the car on June 6th! When they left and we pulled the car back in the garage, it was 7:18 pm!! We still had 41 minutes before sunset/Shabbat!

Praise Abba! Praise Yahushua!! They are so faithful!! In 3 hours and 21 minutes, from the time the listing went live (two 3’s, the 3 and the 1+2=3, a sign of double completion), we had a buyer. Exactly 12 hours after the listing, the car was sold with no haggling, no stress and perfect timing so we don’t have to rent a car except for 5 days, which we wanted to rent a car for the last few days anyway so we could drive it to the airport, turn it in and be on our way to wherever He leads! He gave us our miracle mo’edim we prayed for!!!!

We are in awe…so humbly thankful for His loving-kindness and favor in everything as a reward for trusting in Him completely and following His commandments!!

We pray this true, powerful testimony will fill you with His joy and jumpstart your Shabbat….

Shabbat Shalom!

Derek and Rivkah


  1. HalleluYah! What a wonderful blessing. Thank you for sharing this! Shabbat Shalom.

  2. Thank you for sharing, what a blessing! Will keep you in prayer that everything goes smoothly during this transition, how exciting! It would be great to hear about your experiences living abroad when you get there. I had hoped to move to Ecuador last fall, but only ended up staying 5 weeks. It was an interesting experience, the people were so loving.

    Blessings, Shabbat Shalom,

  3. Shabbat Shalom!! Wow!! Yes I definitely needed to read this, as I too am getting ready to go abroad….totally by faith. I am not sure as to where, but I have been getting rid of everything I do not need and circumstances have come to make it impossible for me to stay where I am at. Like Yedidah, I would be giving up everything including income. I didn’t have much income any way….not much to go on. But reading this testimony has brought some inspiration and hope to the journey that I am getting ready to embark on. And may Yahuweh continue to bless you on yours!!!

    • It truly is a life like no other! When were in control, it’s so boring! When He is in control, life is a refreshing fountain! Lifting you up in your journey! It’s all about the journey isn’t it? Praise Yah for His faithfulness!

  4. You didn’t really expect anything less, did you! 🙂

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