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Yesterday Rivkah and I were able to distribute clothing necessities to the homeless—THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED!

Here are a few pictures of the things we purchased with the donation money we received. What a testimony it was to connect with certain people we had asked Abba to help us find. There was a lady, about a month ago, whom Rivkah had prayed for. She was distraught at the time because of her needs. At the time we did not have her size available, and like the man at the Pools of Bethesda in the Bible, every time she was able to get to the clothes that were being handed out, someone had already taken her size. Rivkah promised her that we would make sure that the next time we saw her, she would have something.

Thanks to the donations, we were able to go and pick out a few special clothing items for her. About 3 weeks ago, we went back to find her and she was no where to be found. We asked a few of the locals about her but they did not know of her whereabouts. Yesterday, before we left to go downtown, we prayed that the people we needed to find would be there. Sure enough, after we got to the third stop, here comes the lady who needed the clothes. We called out her name and it was a joyous reunion. Rivkah took her back to our car and gave her the clothes we had promised her. She was nearly in tears.

Like this lady, many of the homeless are treated by others as less than human beings. So it was important for us to ‘follow-through’ with what we had promised her. Sometimes, they just want someone to talk to them. And sometimes when you see them again, and you call out their name—their eyes get big and they say to you, “you remembered my name!” Oh what joy it is to see their faces. Aren’t you glad that Abba Father remembers your name? This walk with Him…it’s a personal thing. It involves people. It involves getting out and touching those that society deems ‘untouchable’.

At our 2nd stop, we saw James again. He was the man who had asked us for prayer one day, and Abba answered all that we asked for. We may not see James after next week, he said, because he is moving forward!! Halleluyah! Since we prayed for him, he has gotten a good job, and his marriage was restored. All esteem to Father!

Yesterday, with delight in his eyes, he pointed out a white car and asked me, “see that car?” I said, “yes.” He said, “thats my car!” I was so excited. Abba had provided him a vehicle. And not only that, he is up for a promotion at his job!

After we distributed some of the clothing items, James thanked us, and asked if we could pray with him again. After we prayed, he prayed a powerful prayer over Rivkah and I. What a blessing to receive from these precious people!

We have another $50.00 that came in for the homeless, so we will purchase basic mens t-shirts with that. Here is a list of what we were able to purchase with all that has come in thus far.

  • Mens white t-shirts (medium/large/extra-large)
  • Mens and Ladies socks (all sizes)
  • Mens and Ladies undergarments (all sizes)
  • Backpacks
  • Windbreakers
  • 5 McDonald’s gift cards ($5.00 each)

We just wanted to share with each of you some of the things that we get to experience. Remember, your joy will never be more full as when you give it away to someone else.


Derek and Rivkah

IMG_3169 IMG_3173 IMG_3171 IMG_3172 IMG_3174


Greetings on this 1st day of the week (Yom Rishon):

Through Abba Father, Rivkah and I have had much success so far in our drive to help the homeless acquire cold weather items. People have been so gracious in giving used clothing and blankets for us to take downtown to pass out to the needy who desperately need them. We started a drive within our apartment complex as well as the school Rivkah teaches. However, there are some items that are needed more than others and if you would like to participate through donations, it would be greatly appreciated!

Warm hats, gloves and blankets are always needed as well as adult coats and scarfs. Any donation received will be used at places like Goodwill to acquire these inexpensive, but much needed items.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to pass out many clothing items and socks to the homeless. It was frigid in temperature yesterday, however, knowing that we have the ability to return home to a warm apartment, somehow makes it all endurable. And for this, we gratefully thank our Abba for a place to live and warm food to eat. He is so good!

Thank you for allowing us to share this update with you and we pray each of you have a fruitful week in all you put your hand to.


Derek and Rivkah

Note: If you would like to donate via Paypal, click here. If you prefer to mail us the donation, please contact us here.

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