Faithful Father – Miracle Working Elohim

My heart is so touched this afternoon, by the words from the song ‘You Came’ by Jonathan David Helser– “You turned my fear into faith”. What a powerful expression of worship and spontaneous outbursts of praise and proclamation to the Master of all Masters. As I viewed this video, I broke in tears not only because of the faithfulness of my Father, Abba to come, but to see the countless young people in the audience, many of which were Asian.

Yes–the darkness is rising and all hell is getting ready to break loose on this planet, but I have news for the darkness–the LIGHT IS COMING TOO–HalleluYAH!

Has the Light of Messiah broken through your darkness? Then rejoice! I was dead, but He came! I was in fear, but He came!

I promised earlier today I wouldn’t do another podcast (smile), so here I am writing a short blog to share a video with you. I couldn’t do a podcast anyway because I would probably break down in tears.

Do you feel alone today? Do you feel your faith is shipwrecked and the miracles of old are just that……old?

Then please be uplifted by hearing Melissa sing, “You are a miracle working God!” Sometimes we need to hear something over and over and over again before we get it. Why? Because it is easier to believe a lie by only hearing it once, but nearly impossible to believe the truth by hearing it over and over–nevertheless–it is by transforming our thoughts, by the renewing of our mind, that we will shut that blasted Lier up and begin opening the door to the Truth who is calling your name to come up out of the grave!

He is calling your name today! Rise up, child of Elohim–Your greatest victory is about to break forth! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!

You Came Lazarus + Spontaneous

Click <HERE> to Listen on YouTube, or <HERE> to Listen on our worship playlist

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