Face Down

Something that I’m learning every single day in this adventurous walk with the Master, is the powerful weapon we have called ‘choice’. How many times lately or even throughout our lives do we find ourselves prostrated, face down upon the ground eating dirt? Not by choice at times, but by the shear weight and burdens of this world (the place of the seen). It makes no never mind how we got here, but it matters a whole deal more of how we get up from here.

This is where our choice, our powerful unseen weapon that, when acted upon, can transport us from the depths to the place of His perfected plan and purpose for our life. The choice lies not in making the decision to get up, but in the decision not to continue lying face down. Well what does that mean? It means we can continue agreeing with the enemies mode of operation to keep our faces buried in the dirt or we can choose to use the position we are in to give Yahuweh the esteem He deserves.

If we are already in a place of humility, bowed low to the ground because of the enemies tricks and trips, it is in the way we choose to use our humility, grasping the powerful wonders of Elohim’s passionate love for us, that will cause our heads to be lifted up once again. It’s quite clear in Psalm 3, that David’s head was only lifted when he recognized that without the deliverance and hope that comes from Elohim alone, he is destined to remain flat upon the ground.

Today, beloved one, if you are bowed low, lying flat upon your face in the mud, whether by your own hand or some attack of the enemy…remember… it is the powerful weapon you hold, choice, that will lift your head. For when you can barely eek out a word, and by some chance it comes out, “I bow before you Yahuweh, Maker of heaven and earth, my only help and strength in my time of need”, what once brought you to the place of the trash heap, through humility, the Rescuer will come – lifting your head above your enemies round about. HalleluYah!

Are you barely able to move a strand of hair? Are you so beat down that you feel nearly buried beneath the enemies foot?

Remember, Yahuweh always gives us a way of escape, always saying to us, “choose you this day life or death.” Allow Him to lift your head today…

Just acknowledge Him…and choose!

Shabbat Shalom,


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