A Day of Remembering

Justin and his great grandma, Nana

Today marks two very important events. It is a day of celebrating and a day of sorrow. This morning as I sat and drank my coffee in the early morning hours before the sun rose, I remembered my Grandparents anniversary (March 12, 1938). 76 Years ago today, my Grandparents tied the knot and I’m sure they are celebrating it today. I remember the wonderful times I had with them growing up in North Carolina. They loved their grandkids so much. One of the most precious pictures I have is a picture of my son when he was a baby, sitting on the lap of his Great-Grandma. I am so glad she was alive long enough to see and hold my son. I miss them greatly but I look forward to the reunion just around the corner.


The other event that brings sadness and sorrow to me today is the anniversary of the Fogel family massacre.  Today marks the 3 year anniversary of a family that was wiped out by terrorist, in one night, in a little village called Itamar. I’ve been to Itamar located in the Heartland of Israel. It is in the Samarian Mountains not far from Sheckem, where Joseph is buried. I had a chance to talk and shake hands with the Mayor.

While our group was there in 2011, I sat and listened to the Mayor speak. Afterwards, he opened the floor for discussion and questions. Someone asked him – “why do stay here – why don’t people leave?” The question was referring to the seemingly unending terrorist attacks from the neighboring Arab villages. The Mayor’s response was simple – “Because this is our home”. I don’t remember the exact words he used but basically they were centered on the fact that it is just what they do – ‘survive’. His message brought tears to my eyes because the people of Itamar, including all of the “settlements” in Israel, just want peace; have a home and raise their families like every other human being in the world. Is that too much to ask?

I’ve included an article below in this post, from Israel National News regarding a memorial event for the Fogel family. The best way we can help this family now, is to spread the news that Israel has a right to be where they are. Learn everything you can about the “Settlements” and educate those people who lack understanding about the real Israel and the people who have come home. For more information check out: http://www.cfoic.com/background-information/

Blessings on you, joy and shalom!


Third Memorial For Fogel Family

Hundreds of people took part this week in memorial events marking the third anniversary of the vicious murder of five members of the Fogel family of Itamar.

Three years ago, two Palestinian Arab terrorists entered the Fogel family home and murdered parents Ehud (Udi) and Ruth Fogel and three of their six children: 11-year-old Yoav, 4-year-old Elad, and three-month-old Hadas.

Their bodies were discovered by 12-year-old Tamar, the oldest sister, when she returned home from an evening with friends. Two other children, ages 8 and 2, survived because the terrorists did not notice them asleep in another room.

A memorial event was held in the yeshiva in Itamar, where Rabbi Ehud Fogel was a teacher. His parents, Chaim and Tzila Fogel, were present, along with dozens of students.

The yeshiva is building and expanding in memory of the slain.

Ruth Fogel’s father, Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai, spoke at the event. “Since that Sabbath [of the murders] we hold tight to the small light in the darkness,” he said. He noted that the Hebrew word for light, “ohr,” is made up of the Hebrew letters that begin the names Ehud and Ruth.

“We’re holding on to the light… The nation of Israel cries because it does not despair. Those who despair stop crying. But we keep going, and our tears add up and bring the redemption,” he declared.

“Thanks to Udi and Ruti and the children, we feel that the barrier between this world and the next is very thin, now,” he added.

On Sunday, dozens of friends, family members and community leaders visited the Fogels’ graves. No speeches were made.

A central memorial event was held later in the day, in Itamar.

The two terrorists who murdered the Fogels were caught in 2011. They admitted to the attack, and expressed pride in the killings. A poll of Palestinian Arabs conducted shortly after the murders found that one-third shared their sentiment, and supported the massacre.


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