Come Back Into Focus

“Come back into focus”

These were the words I received while riding on the bus yesterday from the town to our little community. As I began pondering the words in my heart, while walking the dusty road back to the house, I could not help thinking of my love of photography.


Shallow Depth of Field

I have always loved taking photographs using a shallow depth of field. The focus is on the main subject, while the rest of the surrounding environment is out of focus (blurred out). The intent is to ‘isolate the main subject from the surrounding environment’.


Deep Depth of Field

On the contrast, a deep depth of field not only focuses on the main subject, but everything else in the picture as well.

Many landscape shots are taken with a deep depth of field so that everything in both the foreground and background remain vivid and sharp. The “focus” is not on any one particular subject.

In this short blog, I felt to share what I believe is a message for us all – come back into focus.

I am a person of focus, and get very distracted if I have too many things on my plate. I like to do one thing at a time and do it well. I would rather give 100% on one task than to work on 4 tasks giving them only 25% of my concentrated efforts. Focusing on too many things at once is like the deep depth of field where the eye cannot focus on any one subject very easily. There are just too many distractions around. The main subject gets lost in the surroundings and background.

Subjects can become ‘lost’ if they are not the main focus of the picture.

Without sounding like a photography lesson, it is time that Messiah is brought back into focus in our lives. He must become front stage center, capturing His image with a shallow depth of field that will blur out the unimportant in order to bring The Important into crystal clear view. If our lenses are not adjusted properly, Messiah will become just part of the background – His voice will not stand out vivid and clear but only become lost within the distractions around us.

This simple, yet powerful message will be the difference of eternal life or eternal damnation. To Messiah, we are always in focus. So why do we try to include Him in the distractions and backgrounds of our life? Does Messiah just blend in with our surroundings? Or is He a camouflaged part of our lives – only bringing Him into focus when it suits us?

Many times we reverse our focus, in that what should be in focus in the foreground is blurred and the background is in focus. It is time we set our focus upon the Author and Finisher of our faith – fixing the lenses of our spiritual eyes so that our Main Subject, Messiah, always remains in focus and everything else is blurred out – reducing and eliminating any distractions that would take our eyes off of Him.

When our mind is set (focused) on the Spirit, it brings life and peace (Romans 8:6)

Do our eyes wonder off the Master, or do they remain fixed upon Him? (Psalm 123:2)

Our dog Freedom loves popcorn. When were sitting around in the evening talking, with a bowl of popcorn, there is one thing he is focused on – that bowl of popcorn. He never takes his eyes off of the thing he loves the most. He never ceases his longing for a piece of that fluffy white corn. It is only after his intense gazing that he is finally given a piece of it as a reward for his persistence. So how is it that we can take our eyes off the One we should love the most? Do we ever cease our efforts in longing for the reward of knowing Him intimately?

Our passion and love is for the things we fix our eyes on continually.

It is time to stop allowing our eyes to drift off focus. The closer we near that great day of His vengeance and return, the more things will become distractions, causing our eyes to wander off the path and lose sight of, drawing our attention away from THE main subject of our deliverance – Messiah Yahushua.

It is now or never to learn the art of spiritual photography. His Word clearly gives us instructions on what to focus on and what to blur out. But first, we must point our camera’s in the right direction.

The “DEEP” things of this world cause us to lose focus of the main subject which gets lost in the surrounding distractions. However, the “SHALLOW” things (the simple things) of the Kingdom cause us to blur out those distractions allowing us to focus only upon what is important – the Main Subject.

The conclusion of the matter is upon us – fear Elohim and keep His commandments. For this applies to all mankind (all who have lenses to see with). For everything will be brought to justice (in focus), even the hidden things (the blurry things), whether good or evil (regardless of who we think our main subject is). Ecclesiastes 12:13,14 

Come, let us bring our Salvation (Messiah Yahushua) back into focus – for only then will we begin to see clearly the path He has laid for us in this final hour.

Messiah never put us in the background when He died for us – His focus remained on the main subject (you and me). Does He deserve any less?

Come, grab your cameras and join me!

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