Celebrate the Creator – Celebrate Life!

Iyob (Job) was asked 60 questions by Yahuweh, to which he was only able to respond with, “You are Elohim and I am not! This is a video that calls all of Yahuweh’s creation to come and celebrate the life He created and gave to us to enjoy!

Using clips from National Geographic’s, “Journey to the Edge of the Universe” and “The Miracle of Life”, coupled with inspirational music and many Scriptural references, this presentation takes you from the womb to the outer extremes of the universe in breathtaking awe of a Creator, and Father, Who loves His children very much!

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  1. We serve an awesome Creator, HalleluYAH. Thank you and may you guys have a great Sabbath.

  2. Is it wrong to celebrate life by celebrating someone’s birthday; there are mixed emotions with that it seems. I know the candle thing is pagan; I know that some say because the bad guys in scripture celebrated their birthdays we should not.
    I like to celebrate my family’s and friends’ lives and I don’t believe we should wait until somebody dies to do that.
    Any thoughts on that.

    • Shalom,

      When it comes to what we think or our ‘opinion’ on a matter, what we have come to realize is that what we ‘think’ doesn’t matter a whole lot, but rather what does Yahuweh think. Yes, Pharaoh and Herod celebrated their birthdays as it says in the Scripture but did Daniel? Jeremiah? Sha’ul? The Scripture doesn’t really say except that we are not to learn the way of the heathen. In that aspect, what was recorded all throughout Scripture was the ‘numbering of a person’s days/years’; such as the genealogy records. How old someone was can only be recorded if the years were numbered. Now that of course doesn’t mean that there was a ‘celebration’ associated with that.

      What offends Yahuweh is knowing something you are suppose to be doing yet ‘ignoring’ to do it for the sake of popularity or otherwise. In my own life, I do not make “round” birthday cakes, or send cards, or even do the ‘candle’ thing. On another note, at any point in history, you will find that what Abba created for good, the enemy has used for evil.

      Life is to be celebrated every day. To give Abba the praise, to honor Him because one of our sons/daughters were born on a particular day….. I most certainly do not see that as a “celebration” or of any kind of pagan recognition..but a thanksgiving for life. To the pagans, a birthday meant a celebration of life as given/provided by foreign gods and not a recognition of the One and Only Creator of the Universe – Yahuweh Elohim who breathed into mankind the breath of life.

      We do not make big deals with parties, hats, games, cakes..etc. but keep it simple as to praise Abba for another year of living and for His goodness and protection upon us over the past year. Saying ‘happy birthday’.. to me is saying to another that I am thankful for the life and that he/she has and was brought into this world to fulfill the plans and purposes of Yahuweh. All I know is that Yahuweh wants His children free, joyful and thankful; dependent upon Him for everything. To be appreciative of all that Abba has brought us through… well that is simply being thankful of His lovingkindness.

      However, with all of that said.. you must find what is on Abba’s heart and feel at peace in your own spirit regarding this. If you feel as though it would be offensive to Him, then don’t celebrate birthdays. If you honestly feel that Abba has not impressed in your spirit not to celebrate.. then go with what brings you peace. It is the heart He is after and looks at. He knows your heart.. I don’t. That is why it is difficult to ever answer.. ‘what my thoughts are’.. I can give wisdom and ‘what He says in His Word’.. but I only want my “opinion” to be His..

      Religion complicates things.. the intellect complicates things. If you truly desire His “emotion” on a certain topic.. ask Him..seek Him.. He will reveal it. But listening to ‘mixed emotions’ will always bring chaos. He is after simplicity and childlikeness. The whole birthday thing seems to be one of those ‘on the border’ topics.. so that is why it is important for each person to find out His heart on the subject. Do your research. Search the Scriptures. Listen to His Spirit. You will know what the ‘right’ thing to do is.

      I hope that helps..

      Joy and Shalom to you!

      Derek and Rivkah

      • On another note, the Hebrews gave their children names that had great significance, value and even functionality. Benjamin for example, was named by his father meaning ‘son of my strength’. He changed his name after Rachel had named him ‘son of my sorrow’. Often, the name carries the “memory” of the birth/life as something to be remembered throughout their lifetime. So in recalling a person’s name and why they were named, it recalls the day they were born and came into this world. Jacob didn’t want to remember his wife’s death and the birth of his son with ‘sorrow’.. but ‘strength’..

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