The 2017 Well Trodden Road Calendar


Rivkah and I have just created and ordered our first ‘Scenes From Israel’ Calendar. We should expect the arrival of the calendar around January 20th. The first month in the calendar will begin in February, 2017 and will end January, 2018. We are excited about this project because we get to share some of our most beloved pictures of our Homeland in a useful way. We made the calendar pretty much blank, so that people may write in their own dates, appointments, etc.

Each month features a full color picture of different locales throughout Israel. Included is a caption/description of the picture and a corresponding verse. The most important thing about the calendar is that each day (and month), people will be reminded to pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem (and hopefully inspire them to visit the Land!)

Rivkah and I ordered some extra copies, and would love to share them with you, however because of the expense to have them printed, we are unable to offer them for free. With that said, if you are still interested in receiving a calendar, we ask kindly for a small donation of $10.00 USD. This will at least cover the printing and shipping costs (U.S. only). If you live outside of the U.S., we can still ship you a calendar, but we would have to figure shipping costs before hand.

If anyone is interested in a calendar, please CONTACT US with your name and address (with country specified). Please limit 1 calendar per family.

We do not care to make any money on these calendars as that is not our intent. For merely the printing and shipping cost, we want to share our adventures with you from the Land of Israel and pray that you will be blessed by them. We hope to do a new calendar each year, with new and exciting pictures and verses. Of course, the continuation of yearly calendars will all depend on when Messiah returns (smile).

Please Note: We understand that by Abba’s calendar, His year began last September (the creation calendar). However, as long as we must live by this Gregorian calendar system, we will do our best to provide you with something that is useful and pleasant to look at while we all have to conduct business in this world.


Derek and Rivkah

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  1. Derek, I just read that you have a calendar and I would definetly like to have one. I don’t see how to pay you. Please let me know how. Sorry that I missed an earlier announcement you made about the calendars. Thank you so much.

    I have paid through my PayPal account when possible, if that is a method of payment that you use. Just let me know.

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